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PrimeKool Vinotemp

PrimeKool Vinotemp

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Precision and Elegance for the Perfect Wine Temperature

Introducing the PrimeKool Vinotemp, the innovative thermometer that provides the perfect temperature for your wines, combining precision and sophisticated design. This stainless steel thermometer, shaped like a collar, easily fits around the bottle, displaying the temperature clearly and conveniently. Additionally, it shows the ideal temperature for different types of wine grapes, ensuring an impeccable tasting experience.


  • Precise Measurement: Shows the exact temperature of the bottle, helping you serve your wines at the perfect temperature.
  • Innovative Design: The stainless steel collar with LCD display is elegant and easy to use, with no need for batteries.
  • Temperature Guide: Displays recommended temperatures for different types of wine grapes, making it easy to choose the perfect setting.
  • Safety and Sustainability: Made without mercury, safe for the human body and the environment, and reusable.
  • Portable and Compact: Pocket-sized, ideal for use at home or while traveling.
  • Perfect Gift: A great gift for wine lovers, combining functionality and sophistication.

Add sophistication and precision to your cellar.

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