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Zistel Glass Collection

Zistel Glass Collection

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Perfect for wines and champagnes of all types.

The unique design of the Zistel Glass Collection accentuates intense aromas, allowing the bouquet to develop in detail. It balances flavors and aromas with exceptional elegance. Made of clear crystal glass.

This glass collection is brutally functional, taking wine's aromas and flavors to a whole new level. Featuring several new shapes, these flat-bottomed glasses resemble the wing of an aircraft. This means the wine has a greater surface area in the glass, increasing evaporation levels and intensifying aromas.

Product Features:

  • Clear crystal glass
  • Ideal for wines and champagnes of all types
  • Handmade, no bubbles, perfectly flawless
  • Lightweight and thin design


  • Capacity: White Wine 440ml, Universal 530ml, Red Wine 760ml, Champagne 390ml
  • Dimensions: Perfect Flawless Goblet
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