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Performa Glass Collection

Performa Glass Collection

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The Performa line was developed so that the bouquet of wines fully develops, emphasizing the fruit while minimizing the bitter qualities of tannin and/or acidity, bringing smoothness and allowing the wines to achieve balance. This shape was redesigned in 2018 for enhanced aromas.

The optical impact in the Performa series adds a design characteristic and a surprising effect to the wine's aromatics. This product features a red crystal stem and a dark crystal base.

This product is handmade. Master glassmakers individually craft each item so that each piece has a unique character. Due to the nature of craftsmanship, small tolerances in the size and weight of each product, small bubbles, imperfections, or minor surface variations are an acceptable part of the process.

Each glass in this line has a specific name that traces back to a type of wine:

  • Champagne - 5.75 oz (170ml)
  • Riesling - 12.85 oz (380ml)
  • Montrachet - 16.9 oz (500ml)
  • Bordeaux - 29.08 oz (860ml)
  • Burgundy - 35.5 oz (1050ml)
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