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Premium Electric Wine Opener with Accessories

Premium Electric Wine Opener with Accessories

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All the tranquility in the world to open a bottle of wine.

Enjoy opening your wine bottles with ease and elegance using our Premium Electric Wine Opener. This opener includes a foil cutter, a 2-in-1 pouring spout and aerator, a vacuum pump for preservation, and a USB-C charging base.

All the pieces:

  • Foil Cutter: Easily removes the aluminum foil that covers the cork.
  • 2-in-1 Pouring Spout and Aerator: Aerates the wine as you pour, enhancing its aroma and flavor.
  • Vacuum Pump for Preservation: Removes air from the bottle to keep wine fresh longer.
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery: Convenient and eco-friendly; no need for disposable batteries.
  • USB-C Charging Base: Easily charge the opener and accessories, keeping everything organized.
  • Version for use with batteries (batteries not included).

Additional Benefits:

  1. Extended Preservation: The vacuum pump keeps wine fresh for longer.
  2. Sleek Design: Cordless and portable, ideal for use anywhere.
  3. Convenience: Includes all essential accessories in a compact set.

Open, serve, and preserve your wines with ease and elegance.


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